The Best Running Shoe Brands

New manufacturing techniques and evolving technologies are today two of the most important trends within the running shoe industry. These trends are playing a crucial role in increasing running shoe performance allowing athletes to do more with greater support and comfort at all levels of activity.

In the running shoe industry today, some key trends reveal that:

  1. Maximalism Is still thriving - The max-cushioning trend is as strong as ever and more top brands are offering thickly cushioned shoes this year. Altra Running, Hoka One One, Skechers, Adidas, Salomon, Adidas, Under Armour, Pearl Izumi, and Nike offer such models.
  2. Small shoe brands become more popular - There are a number of six or seven top running shoe brand names that continue to dominate the market, but a lot of smaller brands are making big advances. Among small brands that become increasingly popular are included Pearl Izumi, ON Running, Scott Sport, and Zoot Sports.
  3. The big brands are not going anywhere - They are here to stay. Adidas, for instance, is back in force, with its Boost midsole foam technology. ASICS, another top brand, is back with more innovative models. New Balance features light, fast, and athletic shoes that comes with modern designs.

About Nike

nike running shoes

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Among the major brands of running shoes a popular name is Nike. This American multinational corporation is specialized in the development, design, manufacturing, marketing and worldwide sales of sports footwear. The company has its headquarters in Oregon, near Beaverton, in the Portland metropolitan area. Nike is among the world's largest suppliers of running shoe.

The company was launched in the year 1964 by Phil Knight, a track athlete of University of Oregon and Bill Bowerman, his coach, under the name of Blue Ribbon Sports. In the year 1971 the company officially became Nike. By the year 1980, Nike had reached a 50 percent market share in the running shoe market in the United States. Throughout the 1980s decade, the company greatly expanded its product line in order to encompass many regions and sports throughout the world. In the year 1990, the athletic shoe manufacturing company moved its headquarters campus in the current location.

Over the course of its history, Nike has acquired a few smaller competitors in the apparel and footwear industry, including the acquisition of Converse In 2003, and Starter in 2004. Nike produces a wide range of track running shoes of very high quality, performance, and comfort. Some of their most recent additions to the athletic shoe line are the Nike SB, Nike NYX, and Nike 6.0 shoes. The company sells a wide assortment of products, including shoes for sports activities like running, football, soccer, tennis, basketball, combat sports, golf, athletics, and cross training for children, women, and men. Some of Nike's newest shoe technology makes use of advanced materials such as Lunarlite Foam and Flywire in order to reduce weight.

About Puma

puma running shoes

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Among the good running shoe brands is also included Puma. The shoe manufacturing company is a major German multinational specialized in producing sportswear, as well as casual and athletic footwear. The company has its headquarters in Germany, Bavaria region, in Herzogenaurach. Puma was founded in the year 1924 as by Rudolf and Adolf Dassler, two brothers. Their business relationship has deteriorated and they split in the year 1948, forming two separate companies, Puma and Adidas. Both are today among the best running shoe brand names on the market. Since their split, Puma and Adidas have entered in a fierce competition. Since the year 2007 the Puma company has been part of Kering, a French group, but still operates as an independent company.

Puma is also a producer of soccer shoes. The company has sponsored a number of famous soccer players, including Johan Cruyff, Pelé, Diego Maradona, Eusébio, Kenny Dalglish, Lothar Matthäus, Robert Pires, Thierry Henry, Adam Lallana, Sergio Agüero, Olivier Giroud, Marco Verratti, Marco Reus, Gianluigi Buffon, Diego Godin, and Mario Balotelli. Puma is also the official sponsor of Usain Bolt, the Jamaican track athlete. The most popular endorser for Puma in the Asian Region is Luhan, a Chinese singer and actor. In the United States, the Puma brand name has first become known for the suede basketball shoe introduced in the year 1968.

The Puma company offers lines of shoes designed by famous designers such as Amy Garbers, Lamine Kouyate, and others. The company also teamed up with the Japanese fashion guru Mihara Yasuhiro in order to create a high-end line of sneakers. Today, Puma ranks as one of the top running shoe brands, alongside with Nike and Adidas.

About Adidas

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Another best running shoe brand is Adidas, a direct competitor of Puma, with the headquarters in the same small town in Bavaria as Puma. The company split from Puma in the year 1949. By producing innovative products that incorporate the best technology, Adidas has gained the trust of world class athletes all over the world. Many gold medal winners have worn Adidas footwear. Through the years, the company kept expending to more and more sports and market shares. From the gymnast Nadia Comaneci who scored the first perfect 10 in Olympic gymnastics, to world’s best football players, like the Argentinean national team, to the mountains climber Reinhold Messner, they all have in common the Adidas shoes they worn. Even a hip hop song of a US based group is called “My Adidas”, talking about the troubled neighborhoods where hard working people are enthusiastic about their sneakers.

There's Something for Everyone

Every runner is different and needs a pair of shoes that can cater to his own unique athletic performance needs. For instance, some runners perform best with a bit of extra stability and support, while others need more minimal design. The best running shoe brands realize these aspects now more than ever. As a result the running shoe manufacturers are responding by offering a wide line of sneaker options.

Today’s athletic shoe brands are better fitting, lighter, and more comfortable. If we take a look on the current sneaker scene searching for the most innovative updates and releases from the top running shoe-makers we will find an assortment of shoe brands that provide models designed for every type of runner.

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