Cool Shoe Trends

Keeping up with shoe trends nowadays can be really hard. This is because there are so many cool shoes one can be excited about. Especially nowadays, designers pay attention to the wearability and ease of use of the shoes they create. This makes more shoes both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to see. There is a wide array to choose from, ranging from flat forms to block heels and other types. You will not miss to find whichever type of cool looking shoes for your needs on the market.

fresh kicks

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If you are a sports person, among the shoes that will excite you most this year are the Nike Kobe 9 Elite sneakers, “What The” edition. They feature a refreshing wove color pattern that makes them very beautiful. If you have owned a pair of the Kobe 9 Elites before, it will not be hard for to understand just how comfortable these shoes are. They have extra length by the ankle that contributes greatly to their outstanding performance. They are among the top cool basketball shoes that you will come across on the market this year.

If you are a sports person, you are also going to like the Air Jordan XX Stealth. They feature a futuristic feel and are awesome when it comes to comfort, performance and style. This brand will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and as a result there are expectations about the company making improvements that will make the shoe even better. A notable feature about it is that it has a lace strap that has hieroglyphic designs that are based on the life of the world renowned basket baller, Michael Jordan.

adidas pure boost

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Adidas is another company that has made some serious improvements to its shoes. Whether you are looking for cool running shoes, basketball shoes or best shoes for casual wear, this shoe company has you covered this year. Since it adopted a new approach to designing, its trajectory has been altered for the better. One particular type of Adidas shoes you should watch out for is the Pure Boost. It was initially designed with the intention of being a running shoe, but it has proved beyond doubt that it can do more than that. You might want to consider buying it if you are looking for cool skate shoes or basketball shoes.

Other cool looking shoes to watch for this year are the Y-3 Qasa Racers. This company wanted to show that they were not playing around this year, so they made lots of improvement to their shoes that make them simply likable. The Qasa Racers are A+ running shoes that will assure best performance every time you are out there exercising or running in competitions. They are made with a design that separates them from other shoes that paved way to the new brands in the running history. The company wanted to show that sneaker culture and high fashion could intersect successfully without any qualms from the two sides.

You are also going to like the 998 Independence Day that was manufactured by J. Crew and New Balance. These two companies have a reputation of producing exclusive products, so you can just imagine what a collaboration between the two of them means. This sneaker was practically sold out just after hours of being released into the market for the first time. This shows just how much people are eager to buy it. Not only does it look good, but it is also great when it comes to performance. You will get good value for your money out of it.

Apart from the sneakers, there are cool high top shoes that you need to watch out for this year. One of them is the Black Knight Vans Skull Pattern High Top Trainer that is perfect to complete your casual wear. Some of the coolest features about it include a long lasting sole and an amazing design. It is a shoe that you are going to like by simply looking at it. It is dark and slick, something which makes cleaning it absolutely easier.

air huarache

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These are just but a few of the stunning shoes that you need to put on your a must buy list especially if you are a sports person or you just like running or working out for fitness reasons. There are so many others to watch out for out there. The skies the limit but luckily, performance, comfort, and design won't be an issue anymore.

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