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Not all the footwear on the market today is good or comfortable. In fact, in the United States, some studies report that 50 percent of the people between 18 and 60 years old suffer from foot ailments that are mostly related to wearing incorrect shoes. It is not wise to have to endure pain just for fashion (among the most comfortable shoes for standing all day are sandals, flats, and pumps—-also big culprits). Shoes manufacturers, realizing this, are now hiring stylists that design shoes with comfortable features while keeping pace with fashion trends.

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Comfortable Shoes for Women

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Many people can be particular about fashion and style. For women, the quest for a comfortable women’s high heel or comfortable dress shoe is not an easy task. It can be a huge challenge to find shoes that both look and feel great. Despite the difficulties, it is not impossible to find shoes that are both pretty and comfortable, even in the high heels category.

One thing to consider is that women probably want shoes appropriate for walking as well as comfortable for work. This is really important, since wearing high heels shoes for a prolonged period can lead to developing some foot problems like bunions, hammertoes, or other foot conditions. The higher the heel, from the scientific and orthopedic point of view, also, the more weight will be press on the balls of your feet. This can produce some stress in the tendinitis. From this perspective we can conclude that the proper distribution of the weight on the foot is the key factor in making the feet comfortable while walking.

Some shoe manufacturers, as a result,have adopted some creative ways to fulfill the demand for comfort and for high heel shoes at the same time. One of the designs that satisfies this condition uses a tripod between the toes of the foot and the back of the heel in order to help in a better distribution of the weight on the foot.

Proper insoles for the shoes can also solve lot of internal discomfort problems. If you are searching for the most comfortable women’s shoes, one of the most important factors to consider is their internal structure. The insole has the purpose to make your feet feel more comfortable and to prevent blisters by keeping the toes from rubbing against the material of the shoes.

In order to keep pressure off your foot, of equal importance is to get high heel insoles with arch shaping. Sometimes, a cushion that holds the ball of your feet in place can help preventing your toes from sliding constantly forward in your shoes. However, the insoles are prone to wear and tear, therefore it is recommended to regularly replace them every half of year.

Here are a few examples of comfortable shoes brands for women:

  • Dansko - this brand is known for their cuts that are wide that do not restrict circulation. Their clogs are also well padded and fit "like a dream"
  • Birkenstock - similar to Dansko, in terms of fit and feel, their shoes tend to be a bit more casual.
  • Sam Edelman - they have dressier flats that comes in a variety of colors that are also some of the most comfortable out there.
  • Lucky Brand - shoes don't have to cost an arm and a leg to still be comfortable to wear. You can find dressier flats like those that Sam Edelman would create, but cheaper.
  • Sperry - if you're looking for something that can work on boats or around water, Sperry's boat shoes can be a great thing to have.

Comfortable Shoes for Men

Men's shoes tend to be designed with practicality in mind and tend not to be subject to many of the problems that heels can cause, technology-wise.

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The most comfortable men’s shoes are a real delight to wear. Here are a few examples of most comfortable men’s brands for shoes:

  • New Balance – a manufacturer that design shoes to suit various sizes and shapes of feet, so buying a New Balance pair of shoes is almost like getting a custom fit.
  • Merrell – a shoes manufacturer that designs and produces a wide range of comfortable shoes for walking, trainers, and sandals, both comfortable and flexible.
  • Nike – one of the best-selling brands in the world, they make one of the best sports shoes on the market. Different Nike shoe models are specifically designed for running, walking, and other sports.
  • Ecco – most of their shoe models come with a removable sole, are extremely supportive and comfortable.
  • Hush Puppies – their shoe models feature super soft rubber soles.
  • Clarks – their shoes come in various styles. Among them, the flat pumps made of soft yet durable leather are particularly comfortable, thanks to their padded insoles.
  • Keen – they produce sandals, boots, and walking trainers that mold to your feet. Some of the models designed specifically for hiking also can keep your feet cool.
  • Aetrex – the brand offers a wide range of sandals and comfortable running shoes for men, with customizable orthotics and cushioned interiors.
  • Toms – they make running shoes featuring soft canvas that are comfortable to wear and extremely lightweight.
  • Adidas – this is another famous and popular sports shoe brand. Some of their most comfortable models feature a mesh upper that lets the feet breathe and a molded lightweight foam insole that protects and cushions the feet.

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